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Startup Business Podcast

I started a podcast called the “Startup Business Podcast” (SBP for short) in 2012 that did pretty well and had 10,000 listeners.

In 2014 I reformatted and relaunched it and it did even better and had 17,000 listeners.

At it’s height it was ranked #5 on iTunes “Business News” Category.

I supported hundreds of people via email each week to start, run and grow their businesses. 99.9% of them for free. In a brief experiment a few of them paid me for that support but I learned that it didn’t scale very well.  In case you were wondering, it turns out that a single person only has 168 hours in a given week.  Just wanted to share that thought. Ironic that I was advising and helping others with their business model 🙂

In February of 2015 I took SBP off-the-air.